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Admission started for the academic year 2024-2025



The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning offers a four-year B.Tech program affiliated with APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU). It boasts a warm and committed faculty with solid expertise in a range of fields, as well as cutting-edge lab facilities that facilitate cutting-edge classroom instruction.. Although machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, which is a larger field, the terms artificial intelligence (Al) and machine learning (ML) are closely related. The general ability of computers to simulate human knowledge and behavior in real-world situations is known as artificial intelligence, whereas machine learning refers to the tools and techniques that allow systems to recognize patterns, reach conclusions, and improve over time with experience and information. Along with computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, deep learning, and other subfields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, students will study these topics. In addition to automating numerous manual data-related and decision-making processes, they will be able to transform data into insights that can be put to use.


  • Pioneering a future where our AI and machine learning department leads in transformative engineering, fostering a sustainable and intelligent world through continuous research, collaboration, and technological excellence.


  • Empowering innovation through cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, driving advancements in technology and enhancing the world’s capabilities.


Program Educational Objective

Program Outcomes

Program Specific Outcomes

  • Programming Lab
  • Centre of Computational Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Networking Lab
  • Software Development Tool Lab