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Admission started for the academic year 2023-2024

Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust, a renowned educational organization, was established with the vision of providing world-class education in India. Comprising distinguished academicians, social activists, and industrialists, the Trust is committed to creating a new generation of employable individuals with universal values who can positively impact society and strengthen the nation.

Since its inception in 2001, the Trust has made significant contributions to the educational field. It began with the establishment of an Arts & Science college and has expanded over the years to include a Dental College, Engineering College, Paramedical College, Pharmacy College, and Polytechnics. These knowledge centers cater to students from diverse backgrounds and interests.

At Indira Gandhi Group of Institutions, we prioritize the holistic development of students’ academic and personal growth. Governed by the esteemed Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust, our campuses have achieved numerous milestones, constantly striving to provide the best possible education and illuminate the lives of our students. Our exceptional faculty and mentors serve as guiding lights, and through our unwavering commitment to educational excellence, we have earned a reputation as one of the most prestigious and sought-after institutions in the area.

We assure you that with us, you can ignite the fire within and achieve your dreams at full throttle. The Group offers a wide range of courses to suit the preferences of our students. Equipped with modern facilities and amenities, we provide the necessary infrastructure for students to unleash their vast potential. The Indira Gandhi Group of Institutions pledges to serve professionally, fearlessly tackling challenges until you reach your goals.

Founder Chairman Haji K.M. Pareeth, along with Dr. K.P. Shiyas (General Secretary), Dr. K.P. Siyad (CEO), Mr. K.P. Shibu (Director), Ms. P.U. Shereena (Treasurer), Mr. K.P. Shaji, Mr. K.P. Sairaj, Ms. K. Suhana, Ms. A. Shuhaina, and Dr. Nadah Najeeb Rawther serve as trustees, diligently overseeing the activities of Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust as we work towards building a remarkable educational society.



Chairman's Message

In line with the government’s new education policy, the Trust initiated an Arts & Science college and subsequently, through collective efforts, established a Dental College, Engineering College, Paramedical Science College, and two Polytechnics over the years.

It is important to recognize that a remarkable institution is not solely defined by its grand infrastructure, but rather by the dedication of its teachers, adherence to academic discipline, quality education, and the enthusiastic involvement of parents and students. These elements contribute to the institution’s accolades and success.

The global landscape is rapidly evolving, bringing about changes and challenges that necessitate a greater demand for quality education. Our Trust is fully committed to meeting these challenges head-on and relentlessly strives to provide top-notch education to our primary stakeholders. We place equal emphasis on character formation alongside the academic curriculum.

I extend my cordial felicitations to the Principals, faculty, and students of all our institutions for their invaluable contributions, which have transformed our humble project into a resounding success.

Above all, I pray to Allah Almighty for His blessings, enabling us to impart quality education to our students, empowering them to thrive in their future endeavors. Amen!