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Mandatory Disclosure

Admission started for the academic year 2023-2024


  • During the theory and practical exams, a candidate may only bring certified tables, databooks, non-programmable calculators, and geometric tools. No additional materials or devices, including cell phones, may be brought into the test room.
  • A candidate is not allowed to have any prohibited materials in their possession or to refer to them in any way. They are also not allowed to ask for or receive help in any way from any person or source to answer exam questions.
  • During the exam, he or she should not offer any assistance to other applicants in answering the questions. In the response scripts, the candidate should not provide any personal information about themselves. In the examinations, the candidate shouldn’t engage in direct or indirect campaigning to give out more marks than they deserve.
  • Throughout the exam, the candidate should act with decency and discipline. Any kind of violation of the aforementioned regulations during the exams will result in a penalty that might range from a fine to the candidate’s permanent ban from the institution


  • The hall ticket is issued on the condition that the candidate fulfills the attendance and other criteria as per the rules, regulations, and instructions issued by the College periodically. If at any point in time, the College finds that the candidate does not fulfill the requirements mentioned above, the examinations completed by the candidate will be considered canceled.
  • Every candidate will receive a seat with their registration number on it. The candidate will take their assigned seat at least ten minutes before the test starts. The candidate will never be permitted to take a seat other than the one that has been assigned to him.
  • Candidates will not usually be allowed to enter the hall after the start of the exam. Only in exceptional cases, candidates will be allowed to enter during the first 30 minutes of the exam after getting the written permission of the principal.
  • Candidates who leave the hall during the time limit given for a paper are not allowed to return within that time limit.
  • Candidates must maintain strict silence in the exam hall. Before answering the paper, candidates should write their registration number, semester subject, and date on the first page of the answer book.
  • Candidates may not write on any other part of the answer book or any other attachments such as drawing sheets, smith charts, etc.
  • Candidates may not exceed the allotted time for each paper. Candidates must not talk or ask questions during the examination.
  • Candidates shall not bring any written/printed material, any paper materials, cell phones, pen drives, programmable calculators, or any unauthorized data sheets/table into the examination hall.
  • Candidates who pass any part or all of the answer papers to another candidate shall not allow any other candidate to copy from their answer papers or copy from any other candidate’s answer papers. Candidates found guilty of committing such malpractice shall be disciplined.