AICTE Feedback Facility
Mandatory Disclosure

Admission started for the academic year 2023-2024

Perspective Plan

  • Enhancing the teaching-learning process
  • Fostering successful entrepreneurs
  • Strengthening industry-institute interaction
  • Introducing job-oriented courses
  • Offering certificate courses through NPTEL and COURSERA
  • Providing personality development programs
  • Ensuring successful placements
  • Implementing e-governance across all areas
  • Encouraging faculty and student Research and Development
  • Developing a clean and green campus
  • Implementing welfare measures for faculty members
  • Undertaking various other initiatives


  • Expected to get NAAC in 2023-2024
  • Expected to get NBA within 2025
  • To improve research funding by 20%
  • To improve targets of placements by 90%
  • To improve paper publication by 50%
  • To increase the result percentage to 90%

Short term goals

  1. To acquire NAAC and NBA accreditation.
  2. To improve research finding.
  3. Enhancement in placement.
  4. Research paper publication to be improved.
  5. To improve academic results of students.

Long term goals

  1. To become an autonomous institution.
  2. To establish Research centers.
  3. To establish centers of excellence.
  4. To achieve NIRF rank